I’m an artificial intelligence and robotics engineer. I was graduated in M.sc artificial intelligence and robotic and currently works as machine vision system designer. Recently, I developed a vehicle speed enforcement project using image processing.
When I was studying during my M.sc, I found out that many students struggling in my field. I can divide the problems as following:
1. students who do not love AI or software developments
2. students who do not know anything about programming but love AI / Software development (!!!)
3. students who love software developments but not AI
4. students who love both of them but fear from the learning  fundamental concept of AI and prefer to just run codes.
5. students who love both of them, really. In other words, they dedicate themselves to AI and software developments.
Here, I can say that this website may be useless or boring for students included in range of 1 to 3. For type 4 of students, I’ll write blogs and some codes to show, you can take benefits of AI, especially machine vision and deep learning without too much hassle in math. I read new articles in machine vision and AI and try to implement them, or at least write an abstract of them.
As all people, I’m not error-proof. So, I may be wrong sometimes too. Please don’t hesitate and tell me any mistake and your advices.